Thank U, Next: How Ariana Grande Inspired Me to Learn From My Past

Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next is a powerful song about Ariana thanking her past relationships for helping her to be a better person and to teach her self-love and self-worth. Thank U, Next wasn’t just a song about her exes but about how she used her past to teach herself to be a better person, and that self-love is essential to growth. After listening to this song on repeat for weeks, it inspired me to learn from my past and to move on.

I used to always hold grudges and want to get revenge whenever people would screw me over.

My friends and family used would always call me petty because I always wanted to get even with people and I never considered how others felt. I used to believe karma only happened if you made it happen, so I used to make it my mission to get even.

At first, when I listened to Thank U, Next for the first time, my initial reaction was, “That’s dumb, why would she thank her ex?” I thought it was physically impossible to be friends with your ex or a failed friendship. But after listening to her song over and over and watching her interviews, it wasn’t about being cordial with her exes. The song was about how every relationship taught her a lesson and shaped Ariana to who she is today.

So the more I listened to this song, the more it inspired me to want to let go of all the anger I kept from failed relationships and friendships.

I used to hear a name of an old friend and immediately would wish the worst upon them for screwing me over, but I was inspired by Ariana always to remain positive and see everything as a blessing and lesson learned. Her song inspired me to always wish well to others and to focus on my own happiness and life. If I’m too focused on what other people are doing, I’ll never be content with what’s in my life.

Ariana is a public figure, so her problems and private life are always open and on every news outlet. She was able to handle the media and press and take control over her narrative. Instead of being angry and cursing everyone out on social media, she spreads positivity and love. Whenever she receives hate, she always handles it in a professional but positive way and it inspired me to want to do the same.

This song helped me to focus on my own happiness and to focus on bettering myself as a person. To grow, it’s important to accept your past mistakes and accept that everything won’t always go my way. So because of this song, I’ve learned to continuously spread love and positivity and never to let someone’s negative vibes bring me down.

I’ve learned to accept my past and all of my failed friendships and relationships. I’ve learned to stop being angry and to use each one as a way to better myself and to understand what I want. This song inspired me to stop holding onto the past and to look forward to the future. It taught me that everyone is in my past for a reason and to focus on the ones in my life currently because holding onto the past won’t make my future any better.

Thank U, Next taught me about self-love, self-worth, and forgiveness. Although it is essential to love and forgive others, it’s most important to learn how to love and forgive yourself. I’ve accepted my past mistakes and obstacles as is and now I’m more than ever inspired to focus on bettering myself and growing as a person. Thank U, Next is going to be my life anthem for now on so that whenever I’m feeling upset, I can use the song as inspiration to always be positive and that everything happens for a reason.

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