Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving on a Budget

So many holidays are right on our fingertips, and let’s face it; it can leave a serious hole in our pockets if we aren’t careful. I have some strategies and suggestions for you today that can help you to be a smart shopper and host!


Decorations on a Budget


Decorating for me is such a fun whimsy. Candles, flowers, wreaths, signs, table settings… There’s so much to think about. I find it very manageable and affordable if I find some staple pieces that can last me a couple holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.


Try to establish a style of designing you want to stick to. Rustic and cozy are some of my personal mains. So I like to go with wooden decorations, earth tones with pops of colorful and deep tone flowers.


One of my admired staples for this season is my quilt coasters. They match any time of the year and they remind me of my childhood. To me, there’s no cozier sight than a candle and mug of tea sitting on some of these beauties.


Photo Credit: Briggy Jones

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places on earth. It has so much to look at, and they are experts at finding(and creating) incredible home decor for any season or holiday. However, I do realize they can get very pricey if you don’t keep a lookout for their sales.


Right now they have great sales going on. Here is their page that directs you week by week of what sales they still have. The most exciting ones for me are their fall home and party decor, Christmas decor, and ceramic decor.


Flowers are such a simple yet significant addition to your home decor. They add a brightness to the room and are something truly beautiful to focus on. They can shift the atmosphere in such a subtle way that I never want to skip grabbing some.


If you’re not sure where to go for a good price, I have to once again mention Kroger. They always have great fresh flower arrangements. If you favor more for fake flowers, Hobby Lobby has TONS of flowers to put together, or arrangements that are on sale. But don’t wait long! You never know how long sales will last. Make sure you keep updated on that page!


Budget DIYs


If you are into DIYs, don’t worry. I have you in mind too. First off, Hobby Lobby is a smorgasbord for craft makers and DIY-ers. Many of their wearable crafts are on sale at the moment, and their canvases always have bomb prices. I never buy my canvases anywhere else. Pinterest has a great variety of DIY festive crafts to throw together. Here are some table decoration ideas.


The aura of Thanksgiving is really whatever you want it to be. I have some friends have Friendsgivings, which is such a fun idea for people living nowhere near their families, or just want to have a different way to celebrate this holiday.


If you really want that harvest, warm, sweet aroma without the excessive money candles can be, here are some stove top potpourri recipes. It’s the quickest way to make your apartment or house seem super put together without a hassle.


The Big Meal


Food shopping is almost always a stressful thing around the holidays. The stores are packed because of everyone doing last minute grocery shopping. Walmart and Kroger both have the amazing feature of shopping for pick-up.


You simply shop online, choose a time the next day to pick it up, and place your order. When you arrive, they will bring out your food, load it up, and you already paid for it, so there’s no struggle on your part.

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Fresh Produce, Fresh Prices


In my opinion, Kroger and sprouts have the best produce. It lasts long enough that you could reasonably buy it several days before you need to cook the food. Sprouts has incredible prices and top notch quality on produce.


They also have extensive vegan, vegetarian, healthy, and gluten free products. For me, finding a place that has vegan options is such a relief. It makes my holidays a lot easier when they have vegan cheese and meat substitutes.


Since I used to work at Kroger, I have the inside secret about their own brand of goods, which is mostly food. They are the exact same thing as the name brand items. They send them down the same conveyor belts and then just slap a different name on it.


Therefore, you are getting the same quality products for so much less. They have great prices on canned goods like pumpkin and corn, beans, pasta… the list goes on. It really comes as a lifesaver.


I hope you got some good coin-saving ideas and fall inspo from this scribble! Make sure to post a comment to keep conversation going!


Happy saving!



Check in tomorrow to catch a list of awesome Thanksgiving-themed movies!


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