Top 3 Highlighters of the Season

Top 3 Highlighters of the Season

Hey, Y’all! I’m so excited to be a guest writer here for QN! My name is Kait Arie, and I am a writer for the Post Millennial Perspective blog. One thing I adore writing about is makeup- so I’ve begun to write makeup reviews!


I’m not just some random person who thinks they know everything about makeup though. I am actually pursuing a Cosmetology degree this spring to solidify my career as a makeup artist. I’ve already had quite a few very happy clients. So, without further ado, let’s get into this review!


This review assessing the quality of each highlighter based on: Price, Pigmentation/Glow, Packaging, Feel of the Formula, Build-Ability (Whether you can add more to it to get a brighter look or not), Amount for Price, Blend-Ability, and Coverage.


Although my testing might seem excessive, I can promise you each thing I listed is something I and many other makeup lovers look at in new products.  Normally I’d rate makeup on a scale from 1-5, but since I have a broader spectrum of what I’ll be testing them for, I’ll rate them 1-10. 1 being Horrible and wouldn’t buy, 10 is a must-have in every beauty collection.


I’ll be testing a total of 3 different highlighters, each from different brands and different formulas.

Photo Credit: Kait Arie


Fenty Beauty- Match Stick Highlighter

Color: Starstruck

Price: $25

Photo Credit: Kait Arie


By now, anyone who is even mildly interested in makeup has heard of Fenty Beauty. Even though it hasn’t been around for long, it has definitely made its mark in the beauty community.


After testing this product, I can definitely see why. It’s a pearly, opalescent highlighter with light pink undertones and a few sparkles mixed in. Gorgeous on its own, but when I shine a light on it, it simply pops.


One swatch gives amazing coverage while using very little product, and every time I build on it, it becomes more and more glowing. It blends easily into the skin without losing its effect while giving more coverage than before.


The packaging is sleek and lovely. I’ve never seen another makeup products in packaging like this- a nude pink stick in the shape of a hexagon with FB imprinted in the top. Lightweight, plastic but not cheap, and a little taller than the height of my thumb.


The formula itself feels very light and smooth, almost creamy. But it feels almost like you’re wearing nothing. This could work well for a natural look or a glam look.


On the bottom, it says it is 2.8g/0.1oz- although that isn’t a lot, the amount needed for one application is very little and looks as if it would last you a long time.


Thinking about each factor, I’d give this a 9/10. I would give it a 10/10, but even though the amount of product given will last you a long time, I feel the packaging is slightly misleading with the amount inside. Overall an amazing product and I would definitely recommend this to any avid beauty lover.


Cover FX- Glitter Drops

Color: Lunar

Price: $44

Photo Credit: Kait Arie


Cover FX is a rather expensive brand, but it is known for having amazing and long-lasting products. I saw this product in stores and knew I had to have it, but I was hesitant for a long time because of the price.


I finally allowed myself to get it, and there is no regret in that decision. I personally am a huge fan of liquid highlighters! And strangely enough, I also love colored highlighters, so this one has a special place in my heart.


This is a blue highlighter with several sparkles all throughout it. It applies like a liquid and adheres nicely to the skin. I need very little product for a lot of coverage and this is before I blend it in. I lightly dab it on my skin and the result is beautiful.


I will say, the feeling of the formula is ever so slightly greasy, but it doesn’t last long and doesn’t leave grease on your skin. The packaging is a beautiful glass or very good plastic bottle with a silver and black dropper on top.


Much bigger than Fenty, this highlighter has 15mL/0.5 FL oz of product. While I am obviously a huge fan of this product, it is closer to glitter than a highlighter. Still, I could see a wide variety of makeup looks being done with this.


Overall, I’d give it a 9/10. You definitely get a lot for the price, and the product itself is wonderful! But it just isn’t quite a highlighter- more like someone that could be used as a highlighter or for extra pizzazz! Still, this is a must-have in my beauty collection!


Morphe- High Impact Highlighter

Color: Spark

Price: $14

Photo Credit: Kait Arie


Morphe is one brand I have recently come to know and love. They are high-end quality at very affordable prices. Recently, James Charles announced the release of his new eyeshadow palette with Morphe, and I am dying to get it the second it comes out if that gives you any indication of my current feeling on the brand.


This is a single power highlighter in a light gold shade with very light tints of pink and a few sparkles throughout. One swatch definitely makes itself noticed- but still manages to be a very natural glow. When I build on it, it remains natural but glows very bright.


The feeling of the formula is very soft- that might be the best way to describe it. It’s not dusty or gritty and it doesn’t feel greasy or caked on my skin. Just like all the others, you don’t need much product to get a lot of coverage.


The packaging is simple, yet effective. This single highlighter is in square packaging of well-made plastic. The top is clear as to let potential buyers see the product itself, and has Morphe simply printed on top.


Opening it is easy and feels sturdy enough to put in my makeup bag without the worry of the packaging or product breaking. On the bottom, it says this product has 3g/0.10 oz of product. I can see this going with nearly any kind of look, making it helpful and versatile.


Overall, I’d rate this highlighter a 10/10. The formula feels amazing, it is well protected, there is a lot of product that should last a long time, the look is stunning, and the price should fit almost every budget. This is definitely a must-have in every makeup collection!


That’s All Folks! What do You Think?


Alright my lovelies, I hope that I was of some help to you in seeing what products you might want in the future. I want to say thank you to QN for having me, and letting me do this review! If you’d like to see more of my reviews along with other content, come on over to PMP! We’re always happy to have more winners in our family. Maybe I’ll see you soon, but until then, stay safe and happy my beauties! Bye!

~ Kait


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