Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Holidays

Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Holidays

Christmas is the time of year where a lot of traditions are made and continued throughout the years with the family. Every family has their own set of traditions during the holidays. Here at The Quiet Nonsense I have gathered some of the traditions our team have in their lives. They are all amazing traditions and you should incorporate some of these into your own holiday festivities.


Mica’s Traditions.


These traditions were sent to me by Mica, CEO of The Quiet Nonsense.


  • Making cookies for Santa with her siblings.


Awe this is so adorable! Although I don’t think I could do this with my siblings! Activities like this usually end up in an argument! I’m sure some of you can relate!


If you take part in the tradition why not make some extra batches and share some with your neighbours as a Christmas gift? Who doesn’t love cookies?!


  • Driving around and looking at Christmas lights.



As a little girl I remember doing this with my grandparents. I always really enjoyed it.


  • Go to a Christmas show.


Christmas shows are always a great thing to go to. You and your family will definitely enjoy yourselves.


  • Open one present on Christmas eve.


Having gifts under the tree that you can’t open is torture! This is a great way to relieve some of that impatience and increase the excitement in the household!


Savannah’s Tradition.

Photo Credit: Jess Epting


This tradition was sent to me by Savannah, a former member of The Quiet Nonsense.


  • Exchange of ornaments.


This is such a  great tradition. By the time you move out of home or are away from home for Christmas you have your own collection of ornaments to begin your own Christmas celebrations.


Last year my family and I began this tradition too and I can’t wait to see what ornament I’m going to receive this year. This is a tradition I will definitely be upholding when I have my own family.


Katherine’s Traditions


These traditions were sent to me by Katherine, a member of the Public Relations team.


  • Go to favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve.


This is a good tradition. No cooking the day before you have to cook a huge festive feast. You can just have a nice and relaxing evening.


  • Watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Day.


A Christmas movie on Christmas Day sounds like the perfect festive morning. I can just imagine opening my presents and enjoying the Christmas scenes on the tv.


  • Not allowed to have eggnog until Christmas Day.


  • Have their own little mini trees and gets an ornament each year that symbolizes an event that happened from that year.


This is a great idea. Not only does it start a collection of ornaments for yourself but they will be memories of what you and your family have done each year.


  • Decorate house for Christmas on Thanksgiving.


Another great family bonding session. Although I’m sure putting Christmas lights on the tree causes some tension? No? Okay maybe just my family again!


Aren’t these all amazing Christmas traditions? They always do bring a family together especially during the holiday season.


Do you have any Christmas traditions? Why don’t you comment below and let us know all about your own family traditions? We would love to know what you and your family get up during Christmas.


I know I’m going to try and incorporate these traditions into my celebrations.


Merry Christmas.

With love,


Anne xx


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2 thoughts on “Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Holidays

  1. We love going and looking at Christmas lights as a family! I have 2 teenage sons and they still ask what day will we go look at lights! It is a great tradition!❤ Much love and happy holidays to you!

    1. Aw! That’s so nice that you do that with your family and it’s even nicer that your two teenage boys still enjoy it so much!

      My boyfriend and I were just talking about what day we were going to look. It better be soon, I guess, because Christmas is right around the corner!

      Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

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