The Truth About Body Image in America

The Truth About Body Image in America

Body image is becoming a rampant problem all over the world, but in the United States it’s not just rampant…it’s devastating. Being bloated has become “fat” and the term “plus size” starts being applied once you hit size 10.


It’s an absolute travesty that women are being conditioned to believe weighing 150 pounds means that they’ve let things go too far.


My Personal Image Experience


Let me tell you something. I was 108 pounds when I graduated high school and in the two years it took for me to turn 20, I gained 45 pounds. Not only that, but I had went from a size 3 in jeans to a size 10! Yikes. Well, yikes is what I told myself for a good few months, and then I started to change my perspective.


So how did I get to be 150 pounds if I was always so skinny? Womanhood, that’s how! I didn’t really get hips, boobs, thicker thighs, or any of that fun stuff until I was already out of high school.


It was really difficult for me to see that all of this weight-gain had happened over the course of two years. To me, it seemed like I had picked up almost 50 pounds overnight, which I found incredibly distressing.


Once I hit that 150 pound mark, I was intent on losing every drop of the new weight. It really angered me that I had let this get so far out of hand. So, I started working out again and eating better. That would fix things, right? Not exactly.


To my dismay and, honestly, my amazement, I hadn’t dropped a single pound after 3 months of working my ass off. How incredibly frustrating do you think that was?? I’m sure there are actually thousands of people out there who can relate to this struggle!


The weirdest part of all, though, is that I was looking better. My legs, arms, and stomach were much more toned than before!


It was at this point that I finally took a step back, took a deep breath, and looked at things a new way:


Will I lose weight if I continue eating better and working out? …Maybe? It hasn’t worked so far.


Will it be significant? My body looks better, but the weight is the same. So, it doesn’t really look like it.


Am I willing to increase my workouts past the normal amount? Not really. With my current schedule I just don’t have the time.


Am I willing to go on a special diet? No. Just… no.


So where does that leave me? What does this mean???


It meant I was literally already doing everything I could and was willing to do to lose weight.


Light Bulb!


And as easy as it was for me to fall prey to the lies, I was able to see the truth just as easily. This weight is going to stay on because it’s meant to stay on. Women are meant to have certain features that require a little more space on the body. It’s okay!


This epiphany helped me have even more epiphanies! For example, I have a boyfriend who loves me very much and thinks I’m beautiful.


Another one: I’m healthy! That is the most important one of all! If I’m working out 4 times a week, eating as healthy as possible, and drinking plenty of water and I’m still not losing weight…maybe that actually means that I’ve found a good routine and a healthy weight for myself.


Additionally, I looked at myself in the mirror a few days ago and saw myself as I truly look, not as a massive fatty, but as someone who looked completely normal and not fat at all.


How ironic is it that the “Truth” I speak of is actually all lies?


Join My Image Movement


In order for the truth to come out, the lies have to stop. I would like everyone to comment their true clothing size so we can stop the body shaming. Let’s all support one another and bring some love into this hurting world. I’ll start… I’m a size 10 and proud (:


Speak soon!






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6 thoughts on “The Truth About Body Image in America

    1. Thank you, Katie! I really appreciate it! I try to speak the truth as much as possible and I just felt like there had to be more people out there who could relate to this. I’m really happy with the responses I’ve received about it!

      Thank you for your comment!

  1. This is amazing! I a lack a lot of confidence and I’m trying to love myself more. I have tried to lose weight and at one time I lost 10 pounds! Your story is so inspirational! I need to stop focusing on numbers as long as i’m healthy who cares!

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy that you’ve found inspiration in this. Keep your head up and know that you’re beautiful and your physical health and mental health are so much more important than any number on a scale could ever be. You’re doing great!


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