The Ultimate Holiday Season Packing List

The Ultimate Holiday Season Packing List

We are going on a trip- you, me and the whole Post Millennial Perspective and Quiet Nonsense family (that’s a mouthful). I have no clue where we’re going, but we’re getting out of town and taking you with us.


We all know traveling can be stressful, but let’s make it a bit less stressful by going over what you need to bring to give you all the comforts of home. Whether we’ll be gone for a night or a week, I don’t know! Either way, I’ve got some tips to make our stay just a bit better!


Our Starter Kit

Now everyone is a different, so our starter list should consist of any personal items you just can’t live without. You’ll need things like medication, phone charger, (and the wall plug!), and any specific items you need for your morning/evening routines.


Don’t forget bring some irregular medications as well; things like pain relievers, fever medication, and cough suppressant. We are going to come into contact with a lot of unfamiliar surfaces and germs and, trust me. We want to be prepared.


For those of you who hate reading that is…

  1. Phone charger
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Pain Reliever
  4. Fever Medication
  5. Cough Suppressant


Expansion Packs

Sorry, I promise that’s the last game reference I’ll make!


But in all seriousness, we are traveling with friends! I know I don’t want everyone on their phones the whole time. We need to bond! So let’s go ahead and bring some card games.


A standard deck of cards will work fine but you can also bring your favorite. I’m bringing Uno.


We should also consider the Cards Against Humanity: Car Edition. Just don’t let the driver hold their hand! Lex does not know how to multi task and we will crash! Maybe, if you are sitting with her, you guys can act as a team?


Crazy for Comfort

Now we get to the meat! My top recommendations travel in style.


Bring two more pairs of socks and one extra set of undergarments than you think you’ll need, trust me. Nothing will get your day started right or back on track like fresh socks. Plus, Kait has tendency to randomly dunk you with water.


Also, have you ever noticed that you never sleep better after coming home from a long trip? There’s just something about your bed that feels like home. A good pro-tip is to bring a bit of that home with you, i.e. a pillow, that plush from when you were seven, or you can be like me and bring the whole damn comforter.


Last tip! Bring food!


For real, this is important. Eating out is pricey and who knows if it’ll even be worth it. As a rule, we typically try at least one new restaurant when we travel, but due to our fretful wallets, we’ve had to consider the following.


Bring a cooler with some easy to prepare food. We’ll each have our own cooler to rule out eating someone. Last time, I almost ate Kait’s arm. In my defense, she was talking too much, per usual.


I’ve also been known to bring some sandwich essentials myself, which I highly suggest.


What Did I Miss?

I know I missed a lot, but these are the core tips and tricks I use when packing. Now hurry up or we’re going to be late.  And, for God’s sake, Lex, BRING SOME CAR DEODORANT THIS TIME!




Come back tomorrow to check out how to do Thanksgiving on a budget!


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