Why Growing Up a Twin is the World’s Best!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl, identical or fraternal twin, you will have a bond with your twin that no other siblings could understand. You share just about everything together. However, being a boy-girl twin can be tricky when it comes to sharing… LOL.

Growing up

Growing up as the youngest child, it was always nice to know that my brother was going to be the one to always have my back no matter what. As toddlers, our mom would always put us in matching clothes or costumes for her amusement (but also because, who doesn’t love a set of twins in matching outfits?)

I do have to agree though, that my brother Chris and I were pretty cute M&M’s, lions, and Furbies growing up. Seeing those pictures around the house when I go and visit my parents reminds me of times when we were so innocent and young. Nothing phased us.  We did everything together and the matching outfits didn’t even bother us.. Now if we even think about matching, it’s a straight… NO! LOL!

The Bond

The bond Chris and I have is incredibly strong. Being only two minutes apart , you can definitely tell that  he is the older, protective brother that every younger sister dreams about. Everyone asks me if I can feel if something is wrong with my brother, even when I’m not around him. The answer is no. I can’t feel it, but I do know if something is off when we talk.  

Throughout my lifetime, I can remember my mom telling stories about Chris and me to just about anyone who would listen. Sometimes they were funny… Wait! Actually they were all funny.  We are pretty hilarious when put in a room together!

There’s one story that I remember well. Chris and I were little, and my mom was getting ready for some occasion, and we destroyed the living room. By destroyed I mean, we put peanut butter and wood glue all over the carpet. My mom had no idea what we were doing and the only thing that clued her in was that we were being way too quiet!  In that moment, I knew I had found my lifetime partner in crime.

Having a bond so strong and unbreakable with your sibling is truly amazing. You have the reassurance that you’re always going to have someone you can trust and confide in no matter what the situation is. You share secrets with each other that you don’t want other people to know. You have someone you can talk to when things get rough. Most importantly you have someone you get to grow up with and share many, many memories with.

Friendship vs Fighting

If you have a sibling, you’re bound to have fights. Chris and I were always neck and neck for the longest time. All we ever did was bicker and fight and I

can’t even begin to explain all the fights we had growing up as kids! Regardless, Chris is my backbone. Our bond is so tight and close-knit that nothing, even typical sibling rivalry or constant bickering, could ever break it.

Knowing that I have one person who knows me the absolute most, keeps all my secrets, is my actual partner in crime is extraordinary. I don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a sibling who is a couple years older or younger, but I do know that having a twin is beyond anything I could ask for.

Our friendship is extraordinary, and we know that we have each other’s backs more than anyone in this entire universe. I know that whenever I am in need of advice and don’t think I can turn to anyone, Chris is my go-to person. He’s shown me so many times that no matter what, he’s going to be there for me.

Young Adulthood

Growing up with a sibling, you get used to the idea of always having your sibling around. You get used to growing up together, learning from each other’s mistakes and blaming things on your sibling.

However, once you hit high school, there can be a shift in dynamic. In our case, we  didn’t have the same group of friends. I was in the “athletic” group of people for dance, and my brother wasn’t much of a social butterfly. We hardly spent any time together during our first two years of high school,  and it sucked.

Then in junior year, we started hanging out with the same group of people, hanging out  “just us”, telling each other everything. It was like our bond as kids was coming back, but even stronger.

After high school, I moved two hours away and my brother stayed back home. He’s still my absolute best friend and with us no longer living together I know that when I go home we will spend just about every second together catching up, hanging out, playing video games and just picking up where we left off.

Two minutes apart, fraternal boy/girl twins–a bond that can never be broken


Having a sibling that I share such a strong bond with is incredible. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You learn so much just from one person and have an indescribable bond with them.  I rely so much on my brother and I am so lucky to have him.

I will always have a go-to person, a best friend, the one person who can not only push my buttons to the core, but also be a forever #1 supporter in my life.  We are always moving forward!

Tell me what are some of your favorite stories growing up with your siblings?

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