Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying Even When You’ve Done Everything Right

Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying Even When You’ve Done Everything Right

Sometimes there are days I just want to disappear in my room and never come out. This was one of those days, mainly because no matter what I did, the baby would not stop crying. However, instead of screeching like a murderous cat and hiding from the world, I have decided to nurse my headache and share with you why I have not gone completely insane.

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First Off, Why are They Crying?

After ten plus years in the child care industry, caring for an upset infant is basically second nature to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are times when you’ve done everything right, and they are still upset.

Something to understand when you are caring for infants is that holding them is not spoiling them. You are their world and their life while you are caring for them. While they do not need to be held every second of their life or picked up the moment they start fussing, they won’t turn into spoiled brats if you hold and cuddle them.

That being said, if they are starting to really fuss and get upset, pick them up. Sway your hips from side to side and bounce on the balls of your feet as you rub their back and hum. That’s a sure fire way to calm almost any baby.  

If that does not work, check their diaper. If they have a rash as some babes commonly do, then the smallest amount of moisture could be severely uncomfortable.

But hey! Say their diaper is clean and you are holding and trying to soothe them, and it’s just not working. When was the last time they ate? Most infants eat in intervals as short as every two hours to every four or five hours. An empty tummy will definitely get the babies screaming!

Last on my mental checklist is seeing whether the baby is tired or not. Each child has their own set of indicators that help communicate when they are ready to go to bed. Some common signs they show are when they rub their eyes, yawn, get fussier than usual, and want to be held more.

Be careful not to miss these indicators otherwise it can lead to the babe becoming overtired and therefore almost unbearably fussy. They are babes and don’t know how to suck it up and drive on- nor should they need to know this.

They’re Fed, Changed, Not Tired, and I’m Comforting the Hell Outta Them– THEY ARE STILL CRYING!

Congratulations! You have advanced onto the ‘purple crying’ level of child-rearing. Purple crying is when the infant will not stop crying, no matter what you try. I had a day like that today.

From teething to stomach pain to plain ole not feeling well, the list of reasons your babe is crying could go on and on! Babies can’t communicate with words; hence they cry. Some mothers and caregivers can distinguish between different types of cries, but when it comes to purple crying, there isn’t much you can do.

The best you can do is remain calm and do your best to soothe the babe. They aren’t trying to frustrate you, and they have no vendetta against you. They are just uncomfortable or unhappy and can’t help themselves.

Now, you can understand this to the core of your being and still, after hours of non-stop crying; you will be frustrated. You will be annoyed. Fed up. Tired. You’ll probably have a headache like me. Let me reassure you now that you are not a monster. You are human who is allowed to get tired, no matter the cause.

We get to the heart of the post now. What do you do when your babe won’t stop crying, and you feel yourself getting frustrated and upset?

You take a mommy minute.

That is, you set the baby down in a safe location, like their crib, grab the monitor and go to a room where you can’t hear or see the baby without the monitor. Close your eyes and take a breath.

It may take you two minutes to feel better; it may take ten. Try not to leave the baby alone when they are upset for too long. My general rule is five minutes if I am genuinely frustrated, but it varies upon parenting style, (which is an article for another time).

It’s Okay to Take A Mommy Minute

There is no cure-all for crying babies, and sometimes, they need to cry. This can lead you to feel frustrated and sometimes angry. That’s okay. You aren’t a monster for feeling that way. Before you do something you may regret, take a mommy minute.

Alright, guys! That’s all the knowledge I have to impart! What are your quick-relief methods when your babe just wants to go at it? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Safe!


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